Smoking can be a difficult habit to break and for that reason many people are afraid to try. In order for some people to accept the necessity to quit they need to look at the quit smoking benefits that will occur once they stop. Once a person stops smoking there are immediate quit smoking benefits. The body starts to immediately improve and things such as blood pressure, heart rate and the body temperature of the hands and feet increases within twenty minutes of smoking that last cigarette. Within eight hours of stopping the carbon monoxide level decreases to normal and the oxygen level in the blood returns to normal. During the first year after quitting smoking people report an increase in energy and better circulation, shortness of breathe decreases, and people report their sense smell improving.

The quit smoking benefits for up to fifteen years after stopping include the risk of a stroke becoming that of any average person and the potential for a heart attack also decreases when a person stops smoking. The chances of developing lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and cancer of the mouth, throat, kidney, bladder and esophagus also decrease. The overall improvement in health of a person who quits smoking is dramatic. They will find that they feel better and can be as physically active as they want without the need to stop and catch their breath. People who quit smoking also add to their life expectancy, living longer and healthier lives is certainly a quit smoking benefit. There are also health benefits to those around you too.

People who are exposed to second hand smoke are also at an increased risk of lung cancer and other health problems including asthma. Children who are exposed to second hand smoke are sick more often than those that are not. By stopping smoking those around you can have healthier lives too. Other quit smoking benefits include things as simple as financial benefits. Not only do non-smokers receive better health insurance rates but they are also saving money because they aren't spending it on cigarettes. The monthly cost of cigarettes can be very high and by eliminating this cost, people find they are saving money.

Smoking is a difficult habit to break but there are many beneficial reasons to stop smoking and these should be considered and evaluated. By stopping smoking a person adds years to their own life as well as those around them. Stopping smoking improves the quality of every day life for everyone. Once you have decided to commit to quit there are many forms of help you can get to support you on your journey.